Sunday, August 8, 2010

Something special Made in China

These two pieces come from a Chinese teenager who approached me wanting some stamps. He was a few days late for me to easily acquire them, but I managed to track them down for him. He sent me these in return.

Firstly, he drew me up his own Shanghai Expo postcard. Lovely, isn't it?

And he included this gorgeous silk stamps - they're so soft! And not cheap either - so I am VERY grateful to him indeed.

Thanks Zhan! Hope your postage stamps arrive in China soon ^^


  1. Hi LemurKat,
    I haven’t had any silk stamps yet. You’re so lucky! China has a very rich culture, and I like many foods that originated from that country. My family also has adopted some of their customs, like wearing red during special occasions and giving out red envelopes filled with some money for good luck during the holidays.
    I am not sure how to search for these stamps at the online stamp catalogue I always go to. I tried to check it out in their stamps of China catalogue, but still can't find it. Really curious when it was issued..

    1. Since I got mine four years ago, I doubt you can get them any more!