Sunday, August 1, 2010

From the Wild, Wet West (to trade)

(these two are traded)

To celebrate our 10 years of togetherness (dating that is), my husband and I did a trip we've been meaning to do for some years now - the TranzAlpine. This is a train trip that goes from Christchurch to Greymouth - and back again. It takes you through some pretty spectacular scenary, including up the Waimakariri river, through gorges that look like Middle Earth, through the snow capped Southern Alps (aka "the Misty Mountains"), and into the dripping, lush rainforest of the West Coast, eventually ending up in the biggest town over there, called "Greymouth". There is not a great deal to do in Greymouth - even the locals agree, and although they had been blessed with a week of good weather, it had finally caught up with them in the form of heavy, driving rain. So, what do do but shop for postcards?

I'm back in Christchurch now, although the weather seems to have followed me home :( But shall be returning to the West Coast in two days time to go on an adventure down south to Franz Josef glacier.

Anyhow, here's my postcard haul, these are almost all available for trading.

Hokitika: The clock town is quaint - but it's quite a long drive to the gorge, followed by a lengthy walk, if I recall correctly. (posted now)

Okarito Heron Colony: we're going to be staying near here, but the herons don't arrive until late August/September. (posted now)

Lake Ianthe: Alledgedly home to a large population of Crested Grebes, one of my very favourite birds. I am hoping to visit here too. (posted now)

Lake Brunner: The train took us straight through here, although it was rather wetter at the time! And so grey it looked like the ocean. We have also gone trout fishing here. It is a popular place for fishermen to visit on weekends. (posted now)

Punakaiki: seems to be prone to stunning sunsets. It is also home to the Pancake Rocks.
#1 is posted still have #2

And this one I've been sitting on for years - it's our rainforest. This part is near Haast, in the UNESCO area of the South West New Zealand.

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