Friday, October 15, 2010

Calling it Quits

After several months of fun on Postcrossing, I have decided to call it quits. My postcard box is filled to the brim, and I have received 65 delightful official postcards and a vast number of personal trades. But alas, I have not had a pay rise in two years and it appears I will not receive another this year. The cost of postage has increased, as has the cost of postcards. Postcrossing is no longer a viable hobby for me. In personalised trades, too many of my cards have gone AWOL, or recepients have failed to inform me of their reciept.

I am pleased to retire from Postcrossing with no expired "Officials"

I thank all of you for following my blog, especially those of you that have sent me postcards or been willing and communicative recepients. I have many beautiful postcards from a variety of interesting countries.

I shall bid you "Adieu" now with my last Official, which arrived yesterday, and which I think is a fitting final card:

I will still be organising the occasional personal trade with people from obscure countries, in my "Conquer the World with Art" project. Alas for most of you - Europe is fully conquered (except for Albania, Bosnia and Montenegro and maybe a few of those really tiny countries); South America is mostly conquered (still seeking Peru and Ecuador and a few very small countries); Africa is still mainly unconquered (but only seems to have a 50% arrival rate, so sod it) and there are only a few patches of Asia left. I've a few US and Canadian states unconquered, but I've conquered over 80 countries, I think that is an admirable number to attain. Of course, I'd LIKE to make it to 100... So if you know anyone from the Middle East, any little islands or the aforementioned countries that would appreciate a completely random piece of original art from DownUnder, drop me a line. You can continue to follow my artistic endeavours over on my (almost) Daily Art Blog -

Otherwise, this is LemurKat, signing off!