Thursday, April 29, 2010

Postcard from a Dog

Yesterday I got a postcard from a 15-year old lass, today I received one from an 11 year old dog - PrincessSarah via her human.

From Boston, USA:

I love the colours, sunset or sunrise? Glorious either way!

Off to Belarus!

The walk to Key Summit from the Southern end of the Routeburn Track is one of the easiest ways to experience the alpine tops of Fiordland National Park. The "summit" is in fact a broad open ridge dotted with small lakes and tarns, which support a diverse range of alpine plants.

Photograph by Craig Potton - a very well known NZ landscape photographer.

I have not yet been here, but hope to do so within the year!

My Handmade Postcards

I have been sending out handmade postcards as personal organised trades, and I thought I would showcase a few of my favourites:

And this one I sent as an Official:

If you wish to own such a postcard yourself, please let me know. I am currently endevouring to get my art into as many countries as I possibly can, and still have rather a few to "Conquer". For more details, visit my webiste page on "conquering the world with art".

First Handmade

I received my first handmade "official" card today, from a 15 year old lass in Finland:

Isn't it lovely? She did a very nice job. And sent me some Finnish flags too.

Postcards sent

And these are the ones I've sent
(please note, I've scanned all I have received, but not all I sent - I keep forgetting!)

Cape Reinga Lighthouse (and Mickey Mouse Art Card)

Christchurch City


The Wild West Coast


Mount Cook

Received to date

I joined Postcrossing 67 days ago and have been receiving loads of awesome pictures and meeting people from all over the world. So I thought it hightime I create a blog to showcase my collection.

Here are the "official" postcards I've received to date:

From Finland

From Germany

From Belarus

From Taiwan

From Ukraine

From Russia

From Netherlands

From US