Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From Africa, via Luxembourg

Luxi is an absolutely lovely lass, who has sent me several delightful packages and who has surpassed it all this time by sending me these delightful handmade pieces of art from Africa (well, she got them in Africa, she posted them to me frmo Luxembourg). The centrepiece is a postcard - made from elephant dung and no, it doesn't smell. Indeed, I found a recipe recently for how to make paper from sheep dung, but it involved the use of a washing machine, a blender and a pressurecooker. I'm not sure many parents would allow that sort of creative freedom! Anyway, because the diet of these animals is largely fibre and fibre is not digestable, once you manage to get rid of the nasty bits, you're left with what is essential pulped plant matter and therefore perfect for turning into paper.

Anyway, the illustration features two warthogs "making bacon". The smaller images are miniature handmade greeting cards, also from Africa. Aren't they a delight? Isn't Luxi lovely?

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