Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Excellent Postal Yield!

Today I found not one but FIVE postcards crowded into my box!

Saudi Arabia, via "John Smith" (via Interpals)

Lovely, sunsoaked Mauritius - brillian with today being very cold. Courtesy of Xavier. Mauritius is an island east of Madagascar, famous for once being home to the most famous extinct pigeon - the dodo. (Via Postcrossing)

A Postcrossing "Official" from the Netherlands.

Beautiful Sunset (or Sunrise) in Germany. Another "Official" Postcrossing card.

The Izmir Clock Tower from Turkey, courtesy of Ilgaz (via Postcrossing).

And this arrived yesterday:

Balinese Hindu Culture - from a Barong dance. Courtesy of Ada (via Facebook)

My Mailbox is never lonely!

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