Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Eastern Europe delivery has arrived!

I think New Zealand postal deliveries must be collected from multiple countries in one central place - because they seem to come in surges. One day I received 3 packages from Mexico, banded together. Only one of them was actually for me! The others belonged to not only different cities, but a different island (of NZ). Don't worry - my father returned them to the post office to continue on their journey.

Anyhow, yesterday Eastern Eurpe came to me. Ironically, two of these countries I am intending to visit. Maybe not next year - but eventually.

From Ushko in Slovakia, this is her hometown, Levice.

An Official from Russia, an Art Postcard from a local Artist.

An Official Postcrossing Postcard from Poland. Featuring Cranes.

From Ashtarta in Macedonia. This piece won a poster design competition.

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